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About NY collection: Sustainable and Ethical Jewelry, Mai Désirée

Mai Désirée: More than Aesthetics

If you have checked our website, you may have noticed we have a collection called New York!. Well, all this collection came from a brand called Mai Desiree. The brand started with a vision to create high-quality jewelry that can bring more than just aesthetics. Their everyday jewelry is thoughtfully made to be tarnish-resistant, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly because they truly believe that what looks good should do good too. This commitment to quality and sustainability sets Mai Désirée apart in the world of jewelry.

Supporting Those in Need

Now more than ever, in these challenging times, it is crucial to support each other, especially those who are completely helpless. At Mai Désirée, they understand this responsibility and have pledged to donate 3% of their profits to UNICEF USA, a non-governmental organization that works in more than 190 countries and territories to save and improve children's lives. This donation will provide the world's most vulnerable children with the nutrition, water, and medical supplies they desperately need.


UNICEF is contributing worldwide by supporting child health and nutrition, safe water and sanitation, quality education and skill-building, HIV prevention for mothers and their babies, and child protection against violence and exploitation. In partnership with governments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), UNICEF protects the world's most needy kids by ensuring child rights and providing medical care, vaccines, nutrition, access to safe water and sanitation services, basic education, protection, and disaster relief.

Sustainability and Ethics at the Core

Sustainability and ethics are fundamental to Mai Désirée's philosophy. Their designs embody these principles through the use of recycled, ethically sourced, and sustainably made metals. From the initial materials to the packaging, they prioritize the use of sustainable and eco-friendly materials whenever feasible.

Their jewelry primarily incorporates surgical stainless steel as a base, coated with recycled gold or silver. Stainless steel is a sustainable metal known for its hypoallergenic properties and resistance to rust, oxidation, and discoloration. Their gold jewelry collection is meticulously plated with fine recycled gold, available in 14k and 18k.

Why Carol Stoppa Loves This Brand

Carol Stoppa, the owner of Carol Stoppa Jewelry, deeply admires Mai Désirée for its commitment to sustainability, ethics, and giving back to the community. She resonates with their vision of creating jewelry that not only looks good but also does good. As someone who values ethically sourced materials and labor, Carol finds Mai Désirée's dedication to using recycled metals and supporting UNICEF USA inspiring. 

And on top of that, Mai Desiree pieces (New York collection) are extremely high quality and beatiful!

You may noticed now that Mai Désirée is not just a jewelry brand; it is a symbol of hope, compassion, and responsible consumerism. By choosing Mai Désirée, you are not only adorning yourself with beautiful jewelry but also contributing to a better world for all.

So, join me in this movement for a more conscious fashion world!

And if you are curious about Carol Stoppa favourite piece from this collection,  check here.

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